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Flameproof motors (Ex) d:

Inflamable gases, vapours, fumes and coal dust are a natural atmospheric hazards in coal mines, refineries, petro -chemical industries, etc. NEWINDIA™ squirrel cage motors are equipped with flameproof enclosures for use in just such industrial application.

These motors can safely be used in Divisional Area I where the expolsive mixture is present some times in large quantities and where hazards may occur in normal operating conditions. Relevant Indian Standerd IS : 5572 defines these hazardous areas. The primary objective of flameproof motors is to restrict the propagation of fire hazards from affected media to unaffected media. NEWINDIA™ flameproof motors are employed to drive conveyors, coal cutters, loaders,etc. in mines and for similar purpose in petro-chemical industries. The motors comply with Indian Standard Specification IS : 2148 for gas group I, IIA and IIB and relevant British Standard Specification 4683 Part 2 for enclosures.They are also suitable for ignition groups G4 and G5 as per VDE 0170/0171 or Temperature Class T4 and T5 as per IS : 6381. Flameproof motors up to 20HP 4 - pole are manufactured under licence Navyug Electric Motors & Pumps Ltd. Corresponding outputs in others poles can also be manufactured ( 2-pole , 6-pole , 8-pole ) ( 180 , 200, 225 Frame under development ).

Salient Features:

The flameproof enclosures consist of sturdy cast iron parts which are mechanically robust and very liberally designed. The cast iron enclousure of the motors are built to withstand any internal explosion. The gaps of joints and where the shaft passes through the frame are so dimensioned as to prevent transmission of igniting flame to the surrounding atmosphere. The motors are so designed that the frame temperature will remain below the ignition temperature of the gas-air mixture involved. All cast iron parts forming the flameproof enclosures are tested during hydraulic pressure test at ( 16 kg./ cm .)for group IIB after final machining. All the seats of joints are carefully machined to ensure that permissible gaps are not exceeded.

Cable Entries:

Motors for mining applications are provided with cable entries with compound filling sealing boxes suitable for paper insulated lead covered double wire armoured ("PILCDWA") cable. Cable entries with FLP cable glands can also be provided to suit PVC armoured mining cables.


For performance , they comply with Indian Standard Specification IS : 3682 for motors used in underground mines and IS : 325 for other industrial applications.

Approval Certificates:

All motors have been aproved by the relevant authorities on the basis of test reports issued by the Central Mining Research Station , Dhanbad. The testing and certifying authorities for flameproof motors are as follows :

Testing Authority:

The Central Mining Research Station , Dhanbad

Certifying Authoroty:

The Director General of Mines Safety , Dhanbad.
The chief Inspector of Explosives , Napur.
The Director General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Instites , Bombay.

Performance Particulars of Flame Proof Motors:

40 C Ambient, 415 V/+6% Voltage fluctuation, 50Hz + 3% frequency fluctuation & Insulation Class B.