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Flame Proof Motors

Standard Motor

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Range of Manufacture


Standard Squirrel Cage motors

0.12 kw-200 kw up to 315L frame

Standard industrial application Customized application

Brake motors, Crane motors

0.12 kw-50 kw upto 280 frame

Hoist and Crane installations and other machine tools

Torque motors

upto 7.5 kw

Machine tools, Wire winding machines, Steel rolling industry etc..

Cooling Tower motors

0.12 kw-50 kw up to 315L frame

Chilling plants A/C plants

Flame Proofs motors
Increased Safety motors
Non-sparking motors

0.12 kw- 50 kw up to 225M frame

Motors for hazardous and flammable surroundings

Textile motors

0.12 kw-15 kw upto 160L frame

Carding, Loom and Ring Frame machines in Yarn and Textile industries

Crane & Hoist duty motors

0.12 kw-100 kw up to 315L frame

Crans, Hoist, Lifts material handling

Ring frame motors

2.2 kw-15kw upto 160L frame

Riverbed irrigation, Agriculture and Industrial fluid transfer.

Special tailor made motors to customers specifications.

Cooling Tower Motor


Flange Mounted Motor