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Electric Motors :

We are standard 3 phase Induction electric motors manufacturer up  to 270 HP in 315 L frame size and special tailor made motors in the same range

Our Product Range is:

Flame Proof Motors & increased safety motors (Standard & Tailoremade)

Brake Motors

Crane & Hoist Duty Motors

Textile Motors / Ring frame motors / Carding Loom motors

Dual & Multiple Speed Motors of ratio like 1:6

Lift Duty Motors

Inverter Duty Motors (Optional Force Cooling Attachment)

DC Motors

Single Phase Motors

Vibrator Motors

Torque Motors

Cooling Towers Motors

Low Vibration Motors, Geared Motors

Energy Efficient Motors

Hazardous Atmosphere Motors

Special Features available on request

Mecahnical features of electric motors:

Specail mountings, shaft material, shaft extensions, key way, paint, nameplate design, Splinds.

Electrical features of electric motors:

Supply voltage option (160 to 600), multiple voltage, variation in supply frequency (60Hz) polarity options (10, 12, ....34 poles), special protection (PTC themistor) and insulation (class H or other), Heater 45C-60C Ambient temp.

brake motors manufacturer
crane duty motors manufacturer